●      Can we bring food?

Yes, only if it is something we do not offer here (party packages only). Check out our menu or call if you want to make sure.


●      After the 2 hrs.  are up, do we have to leave the playground?

You can stay as long as you want, we just ask that you clear the party room after that



●      What about decorations?

We ask that you bring the decorations you want for your party. Some suggestions are table cloths, balloons and something for the walls.


  • What else should I bring with me?

We suggest out clients to bring a USB flash drive with pictures of the birthday boy or girl so that we can have them on the TV screens in the party room. It just helps make the room feel more ‘yours.’


●      Does the birthday kid count as a guest?

No, it doesn’t count.


●      Can parents bring alcohol?

No, they cannot bring any alcohol to the party room or the playground.


●      Does the price change if they don’t want something from the party packages?

No, the prices are for the whole package, if for some reason you don’t want/need something we will just not offer it to you, but the price stays the same.


●      Can we have “Open Tab”?

Yes, you can. This has been working really well with previous clients since they can let their guests enjoy a drink here and there and at the end this will just be added to the party price.


●      Can we cancel the party even after paying the deposit?

Yes, you can do it but only 15 days before the date of the party. If it’s after that time, we cannot give the deposit back. One week before we would have to charge for the entire party package.